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Beech Clearances & Auction's is having to adapt the way we operate during this Coronavirus pandemic.


My 18th March announcement was to postpone all of our scheduled auctions, as I get such a packed sale room, even on viewing days, that it would be impossible to keep any sensible form of distancing. I re-arranged this website & computer system ready to shift to sell items on a BUY NOW basis or BEST OFFER, as I still had house clearances booked and private entries arriving. With a promisingly steady first day of trading in this manner (even before I had had a chance to put any albums up) it confirmed that this would be better than nothing in the meantime!


It was short lived though, as that very evening our Prime Minister quite rightly announced further restrictions as the virus situation escalated and we were all urged to stay at home with essential movement only.


I hope that you are doing so and keeping as safe as you can.


I decided therefore, that settling all the 'cash for collection' accounts, rolling over clearances & vendors reports from the 15th March auction was priority over getting albums of pictures up, that wouldn't be able to be collected for a while!


Hence no updates of image galleries YET.  But they will follow as soon as all my paperwork is settled. In truth the phone hasn't stopped ringing, so progress on invoicing was a little slower than I expected.  All settlements will be sent unless under £20 or if we have been unable to contact you for a correct address/payee etc.

So over the coming weeks,  I will upload albums on here & our facebook page with items that you can BUY NOW (strictly no collection/delivery until after lockdown) or make your 'BEST OFFER'.


You can:

  • Simply enjoy having a browse though the updated albums.

  • Ask for more images/condition report etc.

  • Reserve a 'Buy Now' item, either pay now to guarantee it or just register an interest and take a chance on someone else beating you to it.  

  • Leave a bid on a 'Best Offer' item, just as you do with our auction bidding slips, you will come in at the starting price and we will bid for you.


I can take card payments over the phone and store your item until such time as collection/delivery is possible.


All items will be subject to the usual 15% buyer commission on top of the BUY NOW price and BEST OFFER results. Vendors commission will be charged the usual 15% commission minimum £2 per lot.


We are completing restoration & repairs at our workshop, follow our social media pages to see what we are up to or email/whatsapp/facebook message pictures for restoration & repair quotes for the future.


Keep safe & best wishes from the team at Beech  



Vendors reports from our 15th March Garden, Tools & Man Cave Auction are being made up on Sunday 22nd March- Thurs 26th March.


Postal accounts will be sent out 22nd-26th


Cash accounts will be paid out:


all will be sent out by post 25th-30th unless under £20 or no full info on file.


Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me, but please note that  attendance hours are greatly reduced, (only when seeing to livestock here) and there may be a short delay in getting a reply to  landline answerphone messages or emails.

I will endeavour to return all calls & enquiries as quickly as possible.

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