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Military Campaign Silver Chest with contents & history is pure treasure!

The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company was formed in 1880 by William Gibson & John Lawrence Langman.  From its 112 Regent St address they were the first to sell at trade reductions direct to the public. They were renowned not only for their Regents plate, a much heavier form of silver plating than standard and for the production of military campaign supplies.        


Forward for our 5th December auction is a military campaign silver chest of steel bound oak construction, with the above makers’ lozenge, not only complete with all of its paper & baize lined interior trays but also the vast majority of its original contents!


A brass plaque is engraved ‘EUSTACE’, with worn pasted labels showing ‘Captain’, most of the silver content has the Eustace family crest engraved with one piece monogrammed ‘R.E.’ leading my research to a Captain R Eustace of the 39th Garhwal Rifles in the British Indian Army, traced to Mesopotamia  in WW1. The chest was made to measure for his family crested silver after this date, as the majority is hallmarked 1920-21.


The five layers of trays starts with Regent & other flatware, with the lower layers including a high volume of silver items including a Corinthian column oil lampstand & heavy twin handled tray all destined for the Captain’s dinner table. Naturally some of the items are missing or have been replaced, but the majority is original.


‘This super find of historical interest, was a time consuming delight to inventory the entire contents , with a whopping 200 troy ounces of silver, plus the un-weighable mixed medium silver items, it makes for quite a list.’ said Hilary Mackay. Est. 4500-5500 The trunk will be onsite viewing day & auction day only.


Aninventory of the trunk's contents is available

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SOLD £4500