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Buying & Selling with us is as easy as 1,2,3..........

1. Open an Account

Our simple registration process will give you a permanent account number. This is also your buyers paddle number.


Our staff will guide you through the buying & selling processes.


SELLING: We can guide you over the phone, email or in person as to whether your items are suitable for sale by auction.


You will be given a receipt for the items left with us. We will talk you through the terms & conditions. Any electrical safety testing charges where applicable will be explained.



(NB small electrical items/obsolete items may not be worth paying for the test fee,

so we may turn them away or suggest charitable donation/trade waste options

Mattresses must be immaculate & as with any foam filled furnishing must have a fire reg label if applicable.

Most chipboard furniture is turned away. Photos sent via email or social media can help greatly in confirming if the item is saleable and we can then give you the best advice as to what to do if it is not.

However, an item you think is rubbish we could think is mint so do send photos or bring it along just in case, but please do not be offended if we turn away items that aren't up to scratch for our sale)




Entry forms are completed on site BUT if you prefer it can be downloaded below with a copy of our T&Cs


2. Use Our Expertise

We know our market & what our saleroom can achieve. Let us guide & help you.



Our catalogues will guide you on any lot you may be interested in purchasing.

Our office staff can assist you with realistic estimations, reserves, condition etc.  

Our porters will help you/carry items for you.

Our staff can bid for you if you leave a sealed bid with us. (if you leave £20 bid and the items has say a £10 reserve we will start at £10 and only go up to £20 if someone bids against you. or you can request to be live on the phone to bid via one of our staff.

We do not have live on-line bidding because our auction house is packed with buyers and proving to hold its own by remaining traditional and commanding some strong price result due to our marketing.)



Our valuers will assist you with guide prices on the items you wish to sell, and if any or no reserves are advised.

Be prepared though as if you have an unrealistic price in mind, we may turn the items away completely. Don't be offended.

On-line 'Buy it Now'/London retail prices are not an accurate guide. We will be brutally honest yet our results also often far exceed vendors expectations.


We will then display your items to the best of our ability, photograph and market it to get you the best result we can.

Research where required is provided free of charge. There are no photographing, advertising fees etc.

In an ever changing market place, we can never be an expert on every subject. We will refer valuations where apllicable if the items requires a second or even third opinion.

3. Account Settlement

All items sold or purchased are subject to

15% commission with no vat applied.


So please remember if you buy something for £20, you will pay £23 - if you sell something for £20, you will get £17 back.

(we currently have a minimum commission of £2 per lot on Selling Only. So it is in your best interest as a vendor if we put lower value items together to create a larger lot to save you money)



Must settle their accounts before removing the purchased items from the saleroom. We do not give credit - if you need credit we suggest that you get a credit card. We accept cash, debit cards, & cheques

(latter from regular customers only)

all at no fee - credit cards may be subject to a small admin percentage- check with the office.

Our security porters will check off your invoice at the door to make sure you have the correct lots. Do not be offended it is their job to make sure mistakes are avoided.

All purchases must be collected or delivery arranged within 3 working days.

Our porters offer man & van delivery services. Storage by pre-arrangement - nb we pay for the storage units, so please don't expect to get storage free -ask the office for quotes.



Compared to most auction houses we pay out quite quickly. But we do NOT pay out on the auction day itself. If you have purchased less than the value of what you have sold, then the office will give you a pass for your purchases, we will then contra (deduct) your buyers invoice from your vendors invoice once raised. We like to check that there are no mistakes or missed items before releasing payment on vendors invoices.


Most buyers pay by card, this hits our account 6 working days after the sale depending on the type of cards used. Therefore we pay out Thursday auction vendors the following Thursday by bacs/cheque &  Sunday auction vendors the following FRIDAY

Payment is made by traceable BACS  (bank automated transfer system) or by cheque.

We do not pay out in cash at all.


This also ensures the legal ownership safety of the lots sold as all payments are traceable


We reserve the right to retain any vendors funds on account pending collection of any unsold lots. Dumping charges may apply and will be deducted if unsold lots are not collected.

Download link to follow shortly