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We have changed our selling system slightly as due to Covid -19 we cannot hold a packed traditional auction for a while.


in our usual 1200 lot auctions, we know what 900-1000 of those lots are going to make and they don't really need to be auctioned.


Our temporary system for 2020, if that we are open Thurs-Sat 10am-4pm for the public and trade to view and buy lots now. All of these general lots are displayed with a lotting number & buy now price. If it has just come in then these prices will be fixed, if it has been here a little while then it may well be negotiable, or you can leave a bid for our auctioneer to decide/put the bid to the vendor. It is all on a first come first served basis.


The intention was to show the lots here & on social media, just like we did during lockdown...but in reality, there are selling quicker than we can photograph them!


See Auction Lots tab above for updates on the upcoming lots for auction. These are the better-best lots, that are more desireable, on trend, unusual or of great quality for its type. These will be available to view at the saleroom for at least 2 weeks prior to the auction Thurs-Sat, you will be able to bid yourself online, if you are registered with our saleroom and set up as an online bidder or leave bids with us, just as you did before.