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Sporting results hit centre of target at our 5th March Antiques & Sporting Auction

Lancelot Lowther was the 6th Earl of Lonsdale, inheriting the family estate from his brother Hugh the 5th Earl. Hugh lives a very extravagant lifestyle and sadly for Lancelot, due to his brother's huge debts, he was forced to sell off most of the Lowther Castle estate treasures at auction in 1947.

Most probably from the sale, and forward for our 5th March auction is a quality hunting whip. Made by the renowned maker Thomas Callow & Son, it sports a silver collar & ferrule stamped CALLOW, with their makers mark & London hallmark 1908 and is engraved 'EARL of LONSDALE'.

It's tactile horn handle shows wear in keeping t a whip used by the hunting enuthsiast Hugh. It unusually has a smooth ather than plaited leather covered shaft, with original thong & lash intact. Client's reserve £30 auction estimate £80-150. sold £190 to the Earl's grandaughter & family estate

Further sporting items include a selection of rare antique to vintage fishing lures & flies. Pictured left is a card of flies with top left clockwise: Hardy's crocodile & prawn pins & pair of Devon minnow lures, with many more lots forward. Below are a couple of many shrimp lures, with earlier examples underneath.Left are 1 small and 2 large C1900 rare prawn lures.


Travelling in the C18th wass fraught with danger, in particular from the risk of attack from a highway man, espeially on the roads around London.  Not only did the private passengers arm themselves with personl protection pistols (pocket, boot & muff)  but the guard on road and mail coaches had 2 pistols and a blunderbuss.  The latter was designed with a flared muzzle not only to spread the direction of the shot, but also  to assist reloading quickly on a bumpy fast moving coach. Designed to fire from the hip in a seated position, it was a formidable defense arm up close, with its name derived from the Dutch word donderbus meaning thunder pipe.


A C1740-60 coaching flintlock blunderbuss is one of many antique black powder firearms forward for our 5th March auction. Having a 2 stage steel flared barrel, walnut stock & brass bound butt, it sports the engraved name HEXTON est £700-1000. SOLD £880 A cased travelling or horseman's pistol dates to C1800 approximately .67 calibre with standard lock and typical of the type carried by horsemen est £200-300.SOLD £410 Two sporting percussion shotguns are almost a pair, one has a damascus twist barrel and is engraved H Probin C1830-40 est £100-200 each. SOLD £200 & £160


Henry Nock was a British inventor, engineer & gunsmith of the Napoleonic period. One of 6 flintlock & percussion personal protection pistols including other makers such as Egg of London. One engraved Nock was possibly by his apprentice and nephew Samuel Nock. His son-in-law took the business forward to then become Wilkinson sword, more familiarly known for producing razors. Estimates vary with quality from £60-350 ALL SOLD £200-300 BRACKET


One of 2 revolvers is a transitional percussion revolver C1830-40 with double action and six shot barrel, which is indexing but shows some signs of wear. This attractice piece has an octagonal barrel, 2 piece walnut grip & sports decorative engraved scrollwork to the frame, trigger guard & butt cap. No makers or proof marks visible est £500-800 sold £280


A large pair of galvanised mesh weld gymnasium lockers each sport 84 pigeon holes adn are designed to fit either back to back or against a wall, having only front leg support as standard. They have a good industrial look for either retail or the home. no reserve estimate £80-100 each. sold £160 each Also perfect for a retail shop is a large 3 tier circular retail diaplay centrepiece. of Art Deco styling. Having three large round glass shelves on a decorative metal framework, it is certainly an unusual statement piece no reserve sold £140

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